Change is Good

When you want to change things, you usually need some kind of muscle to make change happen. The cold hard fact is that the kind of muscle we need to make the kind of change we want to make, is money. 

Most folks aren't in a position to be philanthropists, so we propose a tried-and-true way to painlessly gather up the resources you need to help us make change. We're asking for YOUR change.

What we suggest is that you find a jar, a tin can or an old piggy bank, and that you label it "NICER". Then, at the end of every day, empty the loose change from your pockets, be it two cents or a buck and a half, and put it in the jar. At the end of a month count up the money in the jar and write us a check for that amount. It won't hurt a bit.

Further (this is the fun part), we suggest exercising your creative side by making up some decorative containers labeled "NICER" and giving them to all the people you know. Ask them to join you in this endeavor by making their change make change. 

Send us a photo of your cleverest collection container and we'll put it in a gallery on our web site.

Please consider joining NICER in our "Change is Good" program and collect your loose change for NICER. That way you'll be a NICER person!


The NICER Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity registered with the Internal Revenue Service.  All donations are tax-deductible as per IRS regulations.